Paris Guide Program Summer 2016

Call for Volunteers: Help an undergraduate University of Chicago student get to know Paris!

University of Chicago undergraduates will arrive in France on June 6th to spend Summer Quarter at the University of Chicago Center in Paris. They are all eager to discover Paris and France and look forward to connecting with the University of Chicago alumni. You can help by joining the Paris Guide Program.

Why become a "Paris Guide"?

This is a unique opportunity for you to meet students from the University of Chicago studying in Paris for one quarter (10 weeks). This would be a great supplement to their study abroad experience. This encounter can take whatever form you want (e.g., a dinner at home, attending a cultural or a sporting event, or just giving some tips about the city). 

Time commitment?

Your participation involves just one meeting. You can obviously meet your students more than once - but it will be at your sole discretion.

How to participate in the Program?

Just send an email to Arnaud Coulombel, Outreach Coordinator at the University of Chicago Center in Paris: In this email indicate how many students you would like to meet (1 or 2) and the type of activity you would like to propose (dinner at home, visit to a museum, soccer game, picnic in a park, etc.).

We will ask the students to sign up for an activity and get back to you via email with their contact information.

As you can see, our Paris Guide Program is flexible and not time-consuming. Above all, it is a unique opportunity to meet a new generation of Chicago undergrads.

Thank you for your participation!

Event Contact
Arnaud Coulombel AM'93, PhD'06

Staff Liaison
Sharday El-Assar