BBQ and Lecture by Stephen Sawyer

UChicago and Chicago Booth alumni are invited to a BBQ and Conversation with Stephen W. Sawyer, AM '97, PhD '08 at the UChicago Center in Paris.

19h Conversation with Stephen W. Sawyer, AM '97, PhD '08
20h BBQ at the interior garden of the UChicago Center
Cost - €15 

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Re-Assembling the Demos? Rethinking the Origins of Our Current Democratic Crisis with Steve Sawyer

The escalation of an economic and depoliticized neoliberalism in the early twenty-first century has introduced a paradox into our perceptions of democracy and the state. We are witnessing a frightening expansion of state capacity in such realms as security, surveillance, mass imprisonment, shadow as well as open military conflict across the world, and militarized police forces. At the same time, neoliberalism has increasingly eviscerated the demos – pinning the state into a corner, making it less and less responsive to popular pressures. This talk argues that an understanding of our current democratic malaise requires a historical perspective on the relationship between liberalism and democracy since the 1970s in France. I argue that far from announcing a neo-liberal triumph, new interest in the history and theory of liberalism from the 1970s to the mid-1990s was a means of posing the problem of how to craft a more robust democratic thought. This attempt to use liberalism and anti-totalitarianism as a means to reflect critically on the problem of democracy has been challenged by a neo-liberalism that reifies both liberalism and democracy as something to be saved or celebrated.  

Event Contact
Arnaud Coulombel

Staff Liaison
Sharday El-Assar