The law of time with larissa smaguina (MBA '08)

Stop missing all these business and professional opportunities, use the Law of Time!

Learn more about Larissa's new book "Où est votre plan ?" at a free talk held at the University of Chicago Center in Paris on June 20th at 7:30pm. 

See below for more about what she'll be discussing.

The book will be available for  ​sale at a special price of  20. 





We live in a complex world. The landmarks and tools that we learned during our studies are not anymore adequate for the understanding of all emerging phenomena, therefore:

  • We feel we can no longer manage our professional life to live up to our expectations;

  • Living within professional instability, more demanding and stressful environments at all hierarchical levels, we are getting used to the words "professional fatigue" and "burnout";

  • The uncertainties in business environment generate more disappointments and frustrations in our personal lives.

A fairly simple, but very powerful tool called The Law of Time allows you to anticipate the future with greater certainty and to avoid many mistakes and disappointments.

Larissa Smaguina (MBA Chicago Booth 2008) leads a high-level international career, combining consulting, entrepreneurial, coaching and teaching activities. Her last book "Où est votre plan" on the future of the professional world contains, among others, the description of the Law of Time and some of its consequences.